Chalet Lake was the first water in France to be managed specifically for British carp anglers to visit. We've been sending fishermen there since 1987 and the numbers of anglers who have been there runs into the thousands!

Chalet Lake is a classic water by which many others are judged, it is near Metz (350 miles from Calais) and takes around 4 - 5 hours from Calais. Chalet Lake is in the shape of a blunt 'y' and can be described as a classic 'estate' lake, running about two feet at the shallow end to about 10 feet near the dam.

There are no problems with close seasons, bivvies, night fishing, licences, bait restrictions, bait boats or number of rods you like to fish.

Although you can forget about the bivvies as you are most welcome to use the 'Chalet' itself which is situated close to the dam and has its own veranda being ideal for a BBQ, to sunbathe or even to fish directly from! The accommodation is basic so it is ideal for having a meal and to keep you kit but it is probably not the kind of place to take your wife! (Unless she's a fisherman too!)

There are heaps of commons and mirrors to over 50 lbs, alongside lots of 40's and 30's, additionally there is also a good amount of Grass Carp of over 50lbs and even some Catfish which are over 100lb's!