Cuttle Mill


The fishery has been closed for the last two years, though the fish have been well fed and looked after. The property has now been leased from HS2 and reopened as a day ticket carp fishery. It is not clear where the future for Cuttle Mill lies. The original plans showed the route clipping the side of the property. The latest route lies a hundred metres further away. Will they build it at all? Who knows! Let's just enjoy it while we still can.

With immediate effect we are reopening the fishery as a day ticket water. We will fish no more than 8 anglers on the Mill Pool and 6 on the Long Pool. Day tickets are available up to a month in advance through this website HERE.

We are happy to consider letting the fishery exclusively to a group of anglers so you can enjoy the lake with your friends or to a company involved in carp fishing, perhaps for promotional events. After the house has been renovated we met let the lake and house on a weekly basis to anyone who really does want to to "live the dream!" If you are interested in any of these ideas please contact us by email at