Lake Meillant is roughly 20 acres in size and is located close to the village of Meillant in Central France.

The lake is principally managed as a carp fishery and there is a large head of commons and mirrors. The biggest reportedly being 58.5 lbs which we confidently expect to make 60lbs shortly. There are also plenty of forties and several different fifties. But this is not a lake where you will would need to wait all week for a run, behind these monsters are plenty twenties and thirties coming through to provide regular sport.

In addition to carp, this lake holds around 20 - 30 grass carp, a few bright orange koi and some Wels catfish (with one monster estimated to be over 130 lbs).

We recently wrote to all of our guests asking them what we should do to improve the fishery and the overwhelming response was to 'change nothing!'. Given that over 90% of the anglers fishing the lake are repeat bookings you will get the idea that this lake really is something special.